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The wallet is manufactured in natural leather and is very durability. With dimensions just slightly larger than a playing card, it has a very elegant profile and easily fits into your pocket.

It also has the manufacturers stamp embossed into the leather as proof of authenticity and quality.

The New Wallet

The wallet was created by Dani DaOrtiz more than ten years ago, and manufactured by Dani in collaboration with Juan Escolano. The wallet has been all over the world, and is used by magicians worldwide. Before now, the wallet was very difficult to get hold of because of the tough manufacturing process. Now Grupokaps, brings you the new model. Redesigned by Dani to be durable, elegant and long-lasting.

Easy Handlung
One of the main reasons why this wallet was created was to allow the performer remove a card secretly once it had been put into the wallet. Additionally, the wallet was made to allow for palmless loads meaning that card to wallet routines become almost automatic.

Not only appearances and disappearances, you can also create peeks, travel, transformations.